Our bungalows

Bungalowpark Gouden Spar offers spacious, detached bungalows for between 2 - 10 persons.  Each bungalow has a spacious garden with  a terrace.  All of our bungalows have a fully equipped modern kitchen. A number of our bungalows have everything located on the groundfloor  which is ideal for people in wheelchairs. Would you like to bring your dog?  Please feel free to call us and find out all the possibilities. We have certain bungalows dedicated to dog owners and others which are pet free.  All of our bungalows are non-smoking. 

Bungalow Cypres in Noordwijk

• 6 persons

• 3 bedrooms

• groundfloored

Bungalow Cypres XL in Noordwijk

• 10 persons

• 5 bedrooms

• 3 bathrooms

Bungalow Larix in Noordwijk

• 7 persons

• 3 bedrooms

• 2 floors

Bungalow Spar in Noordwijk

• 2-4 persons

• 2 bedrooms

• groundfloored

Bungalow Den in Noordwijk

• 4 persons

• 2 bedrooms

• groundfloored

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